I found this gorgeous mirror with a bedroom set and had to save it for something special! I thought it would be perfect to go on a wall with a small table and chair!
First, I removed the backing and the glass so I could get a complete, even and clean finish then I cleaned the mirror with White Lightening to get it ready for paint!
Next, I primed the mirror with Slick Stick because it is plastic. Slick stick is perfect for slick (non-wood) surfaces like plastic because it allows the paint to adhere to even the slickest surfaces.
I chose Hurricane Gray for my base color because it is a beautiful classic gray. I used a Dixie Belle Synthetic Brush to apply it because they are the BEST brushes and they allow for the smoothest finish.
I then glazed the mirror with black glaze to create gorgeous depth and definition.

Next, I used the bronze gilding wax to create a stunning, highlighted shimmer.

Finally, I used Gator Hide for my top coat. It is my favorite protective finish because it is extra durable and water repellent!
The result was a dark and dreamy, romantic mirror fit for a queen!

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Watch a LIVE clip of the making of this mirror here! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=829981347382013&id=357827364344791&ref=page_internal