Hand-painted, custom designed furniture art
for those who appreciate quality, durability and individuality.

Hand-painted, custom designed furniture art
for those who appreciate quality, durability and individuality.

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Welcome to the home of the internationally acclaimed online paint course, Brush with Brittany! With over 800 members worldwide, our community of fun and funky furniture artists is just getting started! To join or view more information about the course, including student testimonials, click “Online Paint Course“ below and come back in August when we release phase two of Brush with Brittany!
In addition to teaching you all of our painting secrets We’ve learned throughout the past 10 years, we offer one-of-a-kind, custom hand painted furniture collections! For the year 2020, we are working on our Disney Princess Inspired collection. You won’t find anything like our pieces in any store and you can be sure we’ll make all of your dreams come true!
We are a self taught, family owned business.
Proudly serving you since 2010, check out how Funky Furniture Facelifts got it’s start here.
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Check out the first installment of our Disney Princess inspired collection, Jasmine.

Up next….Belle! Stay tuned.


“She did an amazing piece for me and shipped to Alabama. Everything about dealing with her was delightful and easy. I will be getting another piece in the future. She has an amazing imagination to create such wonderful pieces”

Lynn Bryant

Wilmer, Alabama

“Okay, let me tell y’all.. BRITTANY’S WORK IS FIRE! No… but seriously! She first did a whole bedroom set for my daughter, bed, dresser, mirrors, chair.. the whole shabang! & GORGEOUS! So we had her do our living room set, again mind blown! Of course we decided we would use her again.. another bedroom set & absolutely flabbergasted with her creativity! Would recommend her 10/10! & as soon as we need something else done, she will be my person! Thank you so much Brittany!”

Miranda Fischer

Woodward, Oklahoma

Click below to shop Brittany’s paints!

Click below to shop Brittany’s paints!

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