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Video 1 - Finding the Perfect Furniture Pieces

Finding the Perfect Furniture Pieces

Come shopping with my family and I as we search for the best selling, most unique pieces of furniture!

Video 2 - Repairing Veneer

Repairing Veneers

This is the most common repair that we come across. Now, you won’t ever have to turn down those beautiful antiques with chippy veneer-ever again!

Video 3 - Repair Drawer Tracks

Repairing Drawer Tracks

Learn to fix those pesky little drawer tracks!

Video 4 - Repairing Broken Trim

Repairing Broken Trim

This is not as common as chippy veneer, but we have run into it quite a few times with furniture that has been moved around a lot. This is a great skill to have under your tool belt!

Video 5 - Adding Legs to Furniture

Adding Legs to Furniture

Modern beds and furniture are much taller than the older pieces we often find to paint. We have had many clients needing legs added to their custom pieces so that it can sit pretty at the same level of the rest of their furniture.
Video 6 - Replacing Hardware

Replacing Hardware

I don’t think I EVER have a design work out with the furniture’s existing hardware. So, here is a video that you will probably end up using more than you think!