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Welcome to the home of the internationally acclaimed online paint course, Brush with Brittany where you’ll learn all of Brittany’s trade secrets to creating beautiful, unique, money-making pieces of furniture art just like you see here!
HUNDREDS of women across the globe are creating gorgeous furniture and home decor using Brittany’s exclusive techniques, tips and tricks that she has acquired in her decade long career!
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“Brush With Brittany was a life changer for me. I never imagined I could paint furniture and other things until I took her classes. They are worth every cent. She is so talented and she teaches step by step. I have took Brush With Brittany 1 and 2 and they are amazing. Thanks Brittany.”

April Smith

Spiro, Oklahoma

“Just finished the first two videos and I am hooked! Brittany, you and your husband are both so personable – very easy to follow and understand. Love the format and step-by-step approach. The detail that you share in theses videos is fantastic! Thank you, your husband and daughter!”

Connie Nusbaum

Chagrin Falls,Ohio

“I have taken BWB1 & BWB2. Before taking the courses I had painted two vanities. I decided I wanted to redo my kitchen table and chairs. Every time I went to paint them I just got frustrated because either a technique I was trying didn’t work or the theme couldn’t come together. I had seen Brittany was doing a course, I’ve been following her on Facebook and decided to look into it. My favorite part of the courses is the way Brittany explains everything in terms that are so easy for anyone to understand. I learned so many easier ways to do things. I would watch a video and think “really Crystal that was so easy how did you not figure this out before”.  After taking the course not only has my confidence gotten better my pieces are so much prettier. I highly recommend anyone that is interested in painting furniture, whether it is for personal use or to sell, take this course, you will not be disappointed! I feel like the courses are very reasonable…I mean this is years of hard work Brittany did to acquire the skills…it’s honestly priceless information to me.”

Crystal Gore

Hallsville, Texas

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