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I was struggling. I thought I was the only mom in the world who couldn’t get it together. Being a single mom is hard. I was working every second my eyes were open, from sun up and all through the nights, just to make ends meet. I was researching and practicing and trying to figure out how to really hone in my skills and master my service. My primary goal was to gain more time and financial freedom so that I could be the mother I always wanted to be-the mother my daughter deserved. But, in reality, I was doing the opposite. I was taking more time from her going through trial and error after trial and error. I was wasting money on all the guessing, testing supplies and time doing so. The days were flying by and even though I was working from home, I felt like I was missing out on my daughters childhood. I was always working. I felt hopeless and defeated. I knew there were so many better ways to do everything that I was doing. I wanted better quality, better designs, better durability. I wanted my clients to be proud of their new furniture and be confident in using it after it was painted. I didn’t want to lose anymore time and I needed to make more money so that I could support my daughter on my own. I couldn’t let us go back to the life we had just left. I was trying so hard.

After another particularly difficult day, I reflected on how I had gotten completely off track from my goals and morals. I was spending way too much time and energy in all the wrong areas. I had to figure this out! I was over it. What I did next might sound counter productive, but it is why I have painted thousands of pieces for people all over the U.S.

I spent all of my savings on any and every “hot new product”, cut out all distractions and spent the next few months figuring this out! What I came to find out was all the time I had put in before really was worth more than any hot, promising product from affiliates on youtube. I had already done all the leg work, I just had to pull it all together and believe in myself.

I mastered the durability and quality I wanted. I created dozens of designs and I cut my time spent on painting by a third, mastering efficiency in executing my designs. I could paint three whole pieces in the time it took me to paint one before. I was saving hundreds of dollars on supplies and cost, using only a handful of products that WORKED and lasted me through multiple pieces. It was then that I started getting orders pouring in from all over the state, just from word of mouth! In just a few months, I had a 10 month waiting list for custom orders. Everyone wanted one of my pieces! I was getting larger and more higher paying orders than ever! People were driving from out of state to bring me their furniture to paint, then driving back to pick it up when it was finished. I couldn’t believe it! Life felt intentional and purposeful. I finally had time to be with my daughter and money to not only support us, but upgrade our home, enroll her in dance and soccer, take her on vacations, creating memories she will never forget. I was finally living the abundant life I always knew we were made for.

I want this for you, sweet friend. I want you to have this kind of freedom and fulfillment from doing something you truly enjoy doing. You can escape the overwhelm and stress and you can choose your own path. You can choose to be happy and thrive, right now. It is time to invest in YOU. I have gathered all of those years, all the money and time spent on figuring it all out, and put it all in one affordable, easy-to-follow, online course for you. We have even created an amazing, supportive and inspiring community around it, full of talented women from all over the world! You won’t be alone in this journey. We are in this together!

I’m a mom, wife and creative entrepreneur from Moore, Oklahoma (yes, the city with all the tornadoes). As my friends and family will tell you, I have painted/re-designed anything and everything I could get my hands on since…forever. I started Funky Furniture Facelifts in a one bedroom, second-floor apartment when I was just 21 years old. People would seriously haul their furniture up a flight of stairs for me to paint, ya’ll! A couple years into my adventure with furniture, a dear client of mine expressed to me what an inspiration I am to women who hear my story and, well, who doesn’t like to inspire and empower women? So take a seat for some not-so-pretty (but totally amazing) details ahead. **Deep breath** …right to the nitty gritty…

I was 21, pregnant and stuck inside a real-life nightmare of a physically and mentally abusive relationship. I worked fast food and knew that I had to do SOMETHING to escape the life I was living in order to give my baby girl the life she deserved. How it happened, though, was completely unexpected! Long story short, I painted a dining table that my grandmother had given me (thanks, Nanny!) where I did not have one, showed it to my friends and co-workers and I quickly began receiving orders! I then scraped up the courage to move away and enrolled myself in a full-time college-level visual arts program just months before becoming a full-time, single mother. I was completely alone, aside from the help from my mom that I will forever be grateful for. It was the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life and I wanted to give up too many times to count, but looking back on it all only fills me with an incredible sense of happiness and pride. I ended up quitting school before I ever got to anything juicy because the demand for my furniture BLEW UP! I quickly gained a 3-month wait list that turned into a 10-month wait list in no time!

Fast forward to present, I now have the most precious, loving, tiny assistant designer. My furniture creations are all over the United States and I teach my online paint classes across the world, showing people just like you how to paint just like me! We have BIG plans for Funky Furniture Facelifts and Brush with Brittany!! I never imagined my dreams and life-long passion would turn into my career. My life is happy and my heart is full. Most importantly, my daughter will always know the value she is to this world through the footsteps of her mommy.

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