5 Reasons why I choose Dixie Belle paint

I started painting our next princess piece the other day (stay tuned for Belle!) and it dawned on me, you guys need to know WHY Dixie Belle is the best paint there is.

If you’ve followed me at all, you know by now I am a Dixie Belle Paint ADDICT! I wasn’t always…it took me years of trial and error with different paint brands to find one that is perfect in every. single. way.

When I first began Funky Furniture Facelifts nearly a decade ago, I was in a small, one bedroom apartment doing all my painting. You can smell all the fumes now, right? NOT healthy. Especially with a new baby girl by my side. 

Other paint brands just weren’t meeting my standards–and I have HIGH standards. I mean, I’m painting pieces that will be in family’s homes until the end of time (no, seriously, they will–Dixie Belle paint holds up THAT well). 

I began getting SO many custom orders, that I needed a paint that wouldn’t require coat after coat after coat to achieve the color I wanted. I needed a paint that was safe for me and my family to be around. I needed a paint that had every color under the sun (you guys know I love me some color), and I needed it to be DURABLE. After all, we were officially shipping to other states! I couldn’t believe my business was taking off like this, and knew I had to have a paint to keep up with me!

1. The coverage of this paint is UNBEATABLE. Most colors only take ONE coat to achieve the rich, vibrant looks I love. When painting with other brands before, I’d have to apply at least 3 coats! That’s a lot of time saving and time is money!

2. Although, this paint is un-scratchable the day you apply it, I have to tell you that with ANY paint, cure time is 30 days. Dixie Belle takes that worry right off the table, though. There is no wondering if your paint will scratch from the vacuum cleaner or from your wild child. Not only do we paint for clients all over the nation but, I’ve got a husband, two kids, and two dogs—-it’s durable, trust me! 🤣
3. The color selection…ohhhhh how I could go on and on and on about their color selection! It is top of the line, and I’ve found no one who beats theirs!
Sometimes showing is easier than telling, so check out what kind of options you have below…
Colors used: Mermaid Tail, Limeade, Flamingo, Plum Crazy, Peony
Colors Used: Caviar, Drop Cloth, Peony, Limeade, Lucky Lavender, Florida Orange, Dixie Belle Blue
Colors used: Lucky Lavender, Peony, Limeade, Mermaid Tail, Flamingo, Amethyst, Caviar, Drop Cloth
Want more of a neutral look?? Dixie Belle has got you covered there, too.
Colors used: Plum Crazy, Tea Rose, Mud Puddle, Caviar, Drop Cloth
Colors used: Mud Puddle, Caviar, Drop Cloth, Burlap
Colors used: Tea Rose, Drop Cloth, Mud Puddle, Caviar
&&that’s only SOME of their color options. I’m obsessed!

4. Painting furniture is how I provide for my family, but I also have to protect my family, when your job contains paint fumes.

Lucky for me, and you, Dixie Belle’s paint is non-toxic, with ZERO VOC’s. 
Which means when sweet baby Lynnox won’t leave my hip, I can still paint custom furniture and not worry about his well being. 

5. In addition to their amazing paint, they have other INCREDIBLE products to help complete all the looks you could ever desire.

Their synthetic brushes are the best! In the past, I used all the “pro” brushes from Sherwin Williams but once Dixie Belle released theirs, I never looked back! They fit into every nook and cranny on my ornate pieces. My go-to is the mini. It’s easy to hold and eliminates all brush strokes! These brushes take the already-amazing coverage to a whole new level-if that’s even possible!

They also have lots of other fun products like waxes, glazes, and so much more!

You guys, Dixie Belle does it all. If you paint, you NEED to be using these products!

I’m going to leave the link to browse for you below, but I would like to add that I am not responsible for any addictions that take place. 😉😘
xoxo, Brit