Module Three

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Use my NEW Dixie Belle Color Chart, with all of my personal favorite color schemes, to help you design any piece of furniture! The mixtures can be found on Dixie Belle’s website, but I put all the color schemes together just for you! *If you aren’t using Dixie Belle, the colors are comparable to most other paint lines.*

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Learn my tricks on how to make a piece look really REALLY old, really REALLY quickly! This is great when needing to make some fast cash!

How to Make Paper Clay Moulds

Learn my favorite way to make decorative moulds. Paper clay is a lot less messy and more affordable than resin. They may take a little more time to create but they dry MUCH faster!

How to Make, Paint and Apply Resin Moulds & How to Incorporate Into Your Design

In this video, I will show you how to make resin moulds, how to paint and apply your moulds, how to create a show-stopping design and make the moulds look original to your furniture!

Reupholstering Seats

Dining sets are my favorite thing to paint for my clients because of all of the memories that will be made around them! They are a hot seller, but only with fresh upholstery and fabric.