Module Two

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Video 1 - Decorative Stamping

Decorative Stamping

This is one of my FAVES! It is the easiest way to add the most beautiful touch of elegance to any furniture that needs a little design boost!
Video 2 - My 7 Piece Damask Stencil

My 7 Piece Damask Stencil

Like I say in the video, this one requires patience, but the end result is SO WORTH IT! I have used this technique more than any other!
Video 3 - Painting Lettering

Painting Lettering

A touch of personalization can take a piece from “okay” to “WOW” and become your client’s (or yours) next family heirloom.
Video 4 - Silhouettes


Themed pieces have always been my favorite thing to paint for children! Adding a silhouette is the simplest and quickest way to create a killer theme!