How to hang your Wall of Frames

Moving into our brand new home meant I was able to design every room from top to bottom with all of the colors I could dream of!
One of the best ways to make a house feel like home, is PICTURES. I was so excited to hang our favorite family photos in my signature, hand-painted “Wall of Frames”. Of course, I re-painted a couple to freshen up my set for our new home. If we are being honest here, my set has been repainted about 6 times within the last 8 years 😬😂
I had the PERFECT wall to display them, so when any guests come over, they can ooo and ahh at how cute our babies are 🙂 These frames compliment our photos so well 😍
Once I laid everything out in front of me, it hit me–this is the part we ALL struggle with. THE hardest part. SO many favorite pictures (I mean, how can you pick just a few of your kids?!) but HOW to get them in a layout that looks more appealing and less like your child completed the project for you?!
So I gathered my funkiest frames, my pictures, and my camera, and set to work to give you the PERFECT layout to display all the photos you love 🙂
What you’ll need: 
-Yardstick and/or Tape measure 
-Level (don’t eyeball it, trust me!)
-Command strips (no holes to putty up!!!)

Now that you’ve got your supplies, let’s get to hangin’ those precious pics!
1. Put your photos in your frames then lay frames out on floor in the layout I’ve provided in the picture below. You’ll want to take a photo like this of your pictures in their layout as well, for reference once you start moving them! I don’t know about you, but sometimes just when I think I have something memorized, it disappears from any memory bank I have. Trust me—take the photo. (Frame sizes below are 5x7s and 8x10s!)

2. Measure widest length & width of your set from the floor. Make sure you’ve got your photos evenly spaced apart. I typically put about an inch above and next to each photo. 
3. Map out your above measurements centered onto your chosen wall space. Mark the center (in this case that would be the leopard frame pictured above!) at the top. (My center is 29”) The hard part is done! Take a breath, give yourself a pat on the back! Your space is about to look FABULOUS!!
4. Hang top middle frame in center using marked measurements, a level, and command strips. You can also use nails if you’d like. I prefer command strips so I can add/change/rearrange my photos whenever I’d like without damaging the wall or leaving a visible hole!
5. Continue hanging the rest of your top row. You want all of your pictures on this row to line up on the bottom, like you see below!

6. Here’s where you pull out your handy dandy picture reference! Grab that phone (or camera) and see which order you had your middle row in! Now it’s time to hang it, and then you can move on to the bottom row!

TA-DA! Look at that!!! You’ve livened up the space, and made it look as if a professional had done the job! 
I hope this blog helps you to display those special moments and people in your life for you and all your friends to see.
“Because every picture has a story to tell”
xoxo, Brittany

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