Valentines Day Vanity Box

Supplies: all from Hobby Lobby!

Craft box with lid

Glitter scrapbook paper for your signature Funky Furniture Facelifts “Glitter Top”

Acrylic paint

4 wooden craft legs (unfinished wood section)

Jewelry box drawer pull (same aisle 👆)

Unfinished decorative wooden frame (same aisle 👆)

Sticky Pearl strips and brads (scrapbook section)

Reflective scrapbook paper for the mirror (same aisle 👆)

Gold spray paint

Super glue

Old make up/play make up

Some kind of poly clear coat


Box knife

Omg you guys!! I’m like a little girl over this Valentines Day Vanity box! It’s just as simple as it is beautiful! I’m sorry I didn’t plan this blog, so I have no progress pictures, but it’s easy-you got this!

Step 1: Measure and cut out your “drawer” with box knife. I made mine a flap.

Step 2: paint your box with the acrylic color of your choice. Pink FTW!

Step 3: spray paint your legs and mirror frame with the color of your choice. Mine, of course, are gold.

Step 4: cut your glitter paper to fit the top of your lid, then again to fit each of the 4 sides. Glue onto box lid with super glue.

Step4: cut out reflective paper to fit in the opening of your frame. Glue on with super glue.

Step 5: add decorative pearl brads, or anything else you may want to add to the mirror.

Step 6: Glue mirror onto the back of box lid with super glue.

Step 7: add sticky pearl strips to lid and drawers.

Step 8: glue handle onto the drawer with super glue.

Step 9: glue legs onto the bottom 4 corners on box with super glue.

Step 10: glue make up to top of box.

May your little girl feel like a Valentines Princess tomorrow 😘